Diginex: What is it really?

Diginex is an impact technology company that helps organisations solve ESG problems. It also solves the world's most pressing sustainability issues. And it does this by using the latest blockchain technology to drive change and increase transparency.

Diginex ESG

Many people aspire to the services offered by Diginex. However, they are unaware of the services offered by this company. ESG believes that companies should spend more time improving their sustainability performance. As a result, it has created an intuitive, fast, affordable and blockchain-enabled Diginex ESG reporting facility. It simplifies the process and supports companies regardless of size, industry or sustainability experience. Some users of the facility claim that by using Diginex ESG, they are able to complete an ESG report up to 6 times faster. At the same time, they are more productive and better organised in their ESG management. And don't forget that the ESG platform is ISO certified, an official partner of GRI, SASB, the World Economic Forum and a PRI signatory. This means that its clients can collaborate, share and manage their ESG data with greater transparency and security. This in turn delivers greater value.

Diginex Climate

Diginex Climate is fully integrated into Diginex ESG. This allows you to integrate climate-related data into your existing ESG reports and meet your reporting requirements in various frameworks. These include GRI, SASB and TCFD. Diginex Climate uses the latest carbon footprint methodologies such as the GHG Protocol. To provide accurate calculations of GHG emissions across your operations, globally. Diginex Climate is an accessible tool designed for companies of all sizes in all industries. It does not require any prior experience in carbon management. Diginex Climate includes a portfolio view. In other words, a module that allows companies to use the platform to collect, compare and obtain a portfolio view of the carbon footprint of their customers, suppliers or assets.