Discovery of Large Chunk of Smuggled Narcotics by Security Agents in Ohio

The war against the sales, purchase, and use of narcotic and banned substances in the United States and other parts of the world seems like an endless battle. This is considering how dealers in the dark business are always coming up with newer and unimaginable ways to smuggle the banned substances.

In this report, we see how a shady strategy of smuggling narcotics from the South American continent has been discovered by law enforcement agents in Ohio.

Another Kind of Corn Flakes

A seemingly large shipment of cornflakes was thoroughly inspected by border patrol and customs agents in Cincinnati. This is an unusual inspection but was triggered by suspicions raised by a security dog – Bico.

The dog ceaselessly flagged the shipment of cereal and ensured that it was inspected by the security agents. The result was astonishing as close to 20 kilograms of the white power – cocaine; was discovered instead of the regular cereal expected to be in the package.

As explained by an anonymous security agent, “this is not the first time such a plank will be played in the bid to have this banned substance smuggled within and outside this territory and other parts of the world. It only goes to prove how the war against trading narcotics and hard drugs is a long-fought battle. Even with technology on our sides, these guys keep coming up with unimaginable ways to beat the system”.

The Fight Against Trade of Narcotics will get Better

Despite this and many more concerns about the trade of narcotic substances, the government security agents responsible for combating this crime have come up to say they are always improving in their fight against the manufacture, sale, purchase, and use of these substances.

This is true considering the number of arrests that have been made in this area and many other parts of the United States for drug-related crimes.