What Again Is Wrong with Boeing?

Undoubtedly, the company Boeing is a major player in the aviation industry all across the world. This is considering how many of its aircraft are littered across airlines and owned by individuals and government administrators all over the globe.

However, this Alpha dog in the aircraft manufacturing business certainly has some issues to settle in terms of the safety of its aircraft. This is especially in light of the recent engine failure reported on one of its aircraft in Denver, Colorado.

United Airlines and Regulatory Bodies Looking into the Recent Engine Failure in Boeing 777 Aircraft

United Airlines have already started counting their losses considering how they have to ground 24 aircraft from flying passengers. However, the safety of their passengers is paramount, and they can certainly afford to halt the use of these aircraft for now.

All of these grounded aircraft have something in common. It is that they all are Boeing-manufactured aircraft. Aside from the fact that they are manufactured by this top aircraft manufacturing company, they also have the same engine model which is the primary reason for the problem.

Of late, a Boeing 777 aircraft experienced massive engine failure not too long after takeoff. As a result, the passengers were in a state of panic as the engine of the aircraft exploded and began to send debris into the air.

A good number of the debris ended up in the Denver suburbs. However, it is glad to note that no one was injured. So, there are no casualties and problems in this regard.

However, regulatory authorities and the United Airline administrators have started a fact-finding mission into the possible reason for the problem. This is so that there will be no recurrence of such.

Who Is to Blame?

As things are, the specific engine model of this Boeing Aircraft likely has issues that need to be addressed. However, there are concerns by the NTSB that certain inspections were not carried out as that will have revealed faults ahead of time.

If this is the case, these aviation players may be looking at some hefty sanctions coming their way.