Capitol Hill Budget Committee to get Approval of about 2 Trillion Covid-19 Relief Package Underway

The United States president’s 1.9 trillion dollar COVID-19 relief package has been on the airwaves for a while now. However, the fate of the bill being approved or thrown under the bus is dependent on happenings later this week. This is in light of the series of sittings that will be held to that effect. 

Bill Approval Important for Nation’s Economic Growth and Democrat Party

Frankly, there are 2 great beneficiaries of the proposed Covid-19 relief package bill. Chief among them is the American populace spread across all the red and blue regions of the nation.

The essence of the package is to address very important economic and health issues in the nation. An example is the situation with unemployment in the nation. As a world power that attracts many immigrants from various quarters hoping to experience the American dream, the United States is sadly battling unemployment of the highest order.

The cause can undoubtedly be traced to the negative effects of the pandemic. However, the Biden administration is looking forward to addressing and resolving the situation the best way possible. One of the ways it seeks to achieve this is through the implementation of the Covid-19 relief package as there is a sizable chunk of the package designed to iron out unemployment concerns.

If approved, another aspect that the bill will sort out is the minimum wage concern. The package intends to increase the minimum wage in every quarter of the nation. The essence is so that people live well above the poverty line.

Asides from the massive benefits this bill will have on the American Populace, the Democrats will also establish themselves as the nation’s favorite party if the bill is approved. This is why all hands are on deck within the Democrat caucus to get the bill underway. 

Republicans Standing as Serious Hindrance to Passage of Bill

The republicans have been the strongest force against the endorsement of the bill. They stress that certain elements of the bill have to be left out as they are simply unnecessary.

The president has held several meetings with key players within the Republican Party in the bid to get the bill endorsed. However, the success or otherwise of these meetings will be determined by the outcome of the bill later this week.