Health Experts Stress the Need for Speedy Administration of the Second Covid-19 Jab

Especially given reports reaching the airwaves from the United Kingdom, health resource persons are advising political administrators to go fast on the administration of the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccines.

The reason for this advice is in light of the discovery of the effects of the new variants of the virus on people who merely have the first dose administered.

The Need for Proactive Measures in the Administration of the Covid-19 Second Jab

Political administrators across Europe have come under intense pressure for their slackness in the vaccination program. Many of these political administrators have pushed the blame on logistics and pharmaceutical manufacturers who have not been able to live up to the expectation in such a difficult time.

However, things have become better in recent times in places like the United Kingdom. In addition to the ongoing vaccination program, many key academic institutions and government agencies have been actively researching better ways to go about curbing the spread of the virus.

In light of this, some health resource persons and experts are clamoring for the need for speedy administration of the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. This is especially because of research discoveries on the potency of the first dose in combating the spread of the new variant of the vaccine. 

Credible reports suggest the administration of the first jab is not sufficient to tackle the new variants of the virus – B117. So, these health experts and resource persons are imploring the administrators to channel more funding into the administration of the second jab.

Plans to Ease Lockdown

Especially given plans to ease the lockdown in places like the United Kingdom, there is a need to take the professional recommendation of these key experts seriously. This is so that there will be no recurrence of the pandemic causing terrible effects as has been witnessed in the past.