Hairstylist: what role?

Today, many hairdressers call themselves make-up artists, but without much experience or adequate training. Indeed, having a hairdresser who can determine the ideal hairstyle for a client is not always obvious. But if you manage to find one, then you greatly reduce the risk of leaving the salon unsatisfied. What does a hairstylist do to successfully meet your needs? Find out in this article.
Assessing the client's needs
A hairstylist is a beauty and hairstyling specialist. He is an expert who has the necessary skills to evaluate the needs of the customers. He has the techniques to identify and analyze the right style for each type of person. For more information, please visit
Propose a hairstyle adapted to the morphology of the face
The main role of a hairstylist is to offer clients haircuts adapted to the morphology of their faces. Being a professional hairdresser, he studies the color of the eyes, the features of the face and the shape of the mouth of the customer, that is to say all that enters in his morphology, intending to bring him the advice which is appropriate for him. The hair color or hairstyle he proposes corresponds to the shape and personality of the client. It is a real work of observation and creativity.
Giving advice and proposing hair care products
A hairdresser can be considered as a consultant. This is because he or she is responsible for advising clients on different haircuts that suit their styles, faces, and personalities. He studies the physical aspects of the customers by bringing them advice on the various ways of hairstyling. In addition, he also has the role of proposing hair care products. He offers products that allow customers to care for their hair and products to use in their daily lives.
Here is a brief presentation of the different roles of a hairstylist. Choose now your hairdresser with the necessary skills and knowledge to give you the best advice.