Tragedy as Hit and Run Robbery Results in the Death of Pop Star’s Father

Speaking of world cities that are safe to live in, New York is doing so well on the list. This is especially when compared to places like Chicago and several other parts of the United States and the World at large.

However, it is a known fact that bad things also happen in good places and this has been the experience for Nicki Minaj who recently lost her father courtesy of a bad ending hit-and-run robbery.

Nicki Minaj Loses her Father to Hit and Run Robbery Turned South

At age 64, the father of a popular pop sensation has died after a ghastly motor accident. However, there was more to the accident as the intent was to rob the father of the celebrity.

The robber(s) reportedly crashed into Robert Maraj and fled the scene afterward. This is the report gathered from the current investigation by the County Police in Nassau.

This is saddening for the pop star also considering that she has a long history with the city of New York. Although she was born in Trinidad and Tobago as Tanya Onika Maraj, Nicki Minaj was raised in New York and was largely influenced by the entertainment scene in the city. So, having to lose her father to perpetrators of vices in this city is hard to deal with.

What Next for Nicki Minaj?

For a while now, the pop sensation has made the headlines for a couple of reasons. First, it was about her proposed retirement that may not happen thanks to certain sources. In addition, her world currently seems to revolve around her newborn baby boy.

However, it is hard to think that the outspoken celebrity has tried so much to keep her baby out of the spotlight. She has not even been open about the baby’s name even though she stated that they were close to naming him Ninja at some point.

Of late, she posted the picture of her darling son on Instagram and credited women that had to go through pregnancy and give birth during the Covid-19 pandemic.